Are we there yet?…

Are we there yet?…

No! And we will never get there as long as everyone wants to just do whatever they please without a single thought to others. Including their own families.

Today on my way to work, riding a packed train I made an observation. Look at all the idiots. If I sound harsh, I apologize, I truly do not mean to be. Maybe senseless, would be a kinder, gentler word I could use, but I don’t believe it will get the point across.

Tell me, what is the point of wearing latex gloves? To keep your hands clean and safe? Correct. But why bother to wear them if you are going to just touch the pole, then touch your face and then touch your phone and then touch everything in your purse and then touch your phone again. All while wearing a dirty, ripped, clearly reused latex glove. You are the problem. You are cross contamination.

Save the gloves and other protective medical gear for the professionals that really need it or at the very least for those that know how to correctly use and dispose of them. Seriously.

We’re all in this together, but I don’t want to spend one more month locked in the house because people just can’t wash their hands! I’m dying to pay for an over priced drink in the heart of Midtown. But I need for everyone to practice social distancing and simple hand washing.

I’m sorry if anyone is offended. I’m just suffering from cabin fever. On a more serious note. I think at this point we all know someone that knows someone that has contracted Coronavirus or it has hit our homes directly.

Let’s be smart and work together so we can get back to normal. Hope everyone is staying safe.

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